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Date of Photo Shoot Customer Feedback

"You did an absolutely beautiful job with our
Maui family photos. Our photographer did an
amazing job getting just the right background and light to enhance the photos and make us all look great. She also did a terrific job with our very
difficult group as we had 3 babies and 1 toddler
and she somehow managed to get beautiful shots
of us all with the little ones smiling! Not an easy
feat! And we didn't look corny or posed! The shots are all beautiful and fun. We have had family photographs taken of our family in Hawaii every
other year for the last 24 years and the photos
this year by Greg and his team are among the
very best ever. Thank you so much for your beautiful, quality work. I highly recommend Greg
and team and will defintely use their services
again in two years!"

- Joannie Reeder


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Beyond the Usual

If you're looking for an amazing photographic vacation experience that's completely out of the ordinary, then you are in the right place. We offer fully Art Directed on-location Maui photo shoots designed around your creative vision. The process starts by identifying a creative concept that we can all get enthusiastic about...something you have in mind or something we can create just for you. We supply some basic sketches of the idea and then start lining up all the resources, scouting locations, gathering props and costumes, etc....

Expect an on-site Art Director, Photographer, Stylist, Assistant and any other creative professional that might be needed. We almost always record some behind the scenes video of the entire experience and all the footage is included with the entire series of stills.

These creative shoots usually take about half a day and it's one of our favorite things to shoot. The pricing is quoted based on the resources needed for the photo session starting at about $1,400.00 plus tax. All files are fully Copyright Released to you on disc or portable hard drive that you can supply or purchase from us for $75.00 plus tax.

Give us a all today and lets start working on your creative vision. This is truly a one of a kind photographic experience and adventure.

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